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St. Francis: Art and Memories

In light of the recent demolition of St. Francis of Assisi Church the new exhibit combines art: A Spire to Become: a mural by Common Folk Artist Collective and memorabilia: photos, newspaper articles, programs, and booklets, such as Monsignor Dunphy’s 25th and 50th anniversaries of Ordination.

Built in the 1860’s, St. Francis of Assisi had one of the steeples gracing the iconic skyline of North Adams giving rise to our being known as Steeple City.  It was the city's oldest Roman Catholic church and a historic landmark. In May of 2016, the steeple collapsed, and despite impassioned cries of protest, the church was demolished.

            Common Folk Artist Collective turned heartbreak into hope by salvaging pieces of the spire's slate and distributing them to local artists to create a mural that commemorates the church's rich past, North Adams’ collective present, and our vibrant dreams for the future.

The mural consists of 20 local artists: Gwendolyn Byrd, Chris Carr, Kathline Carr, Misa Chappell, Emily Eastman, Samwise Fox, Allison Gageant, Katherine Haig, Christopher Hantman, Dave Motta, Donna Motta, Faith Motta, Hope Motta, Nate Massari,

Leigh Nelson, Jim Peters, Mary Redstone, Robin Senseney, Phillip Shedd and Jessica Sweeney.


The exhibit is in our first floor temporary gallery. It started January 28th.

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